Translation: NHK News - Tokyo to start summer time next week

I thought it was interesting how their definition of "summertime" is so different from ours. Or at least from mine.

I also thought I`d show you all this, to show a small part of how Japan is working to save energy. Their efforts have doubled since the disaster in March, but even though we`re without disasters here, we could still learn.

...Although we do have summertime/wintertime already. Whatever XD

Tokyo to start summer time next week

June 3rd, 4:32 am

In a counter-measure to preserve more energy this summer, a trend to start summertime is spreading. This means that from the personnel working in Tokyo government buildings, 25.000 employees will be gradually subject to new measures.

During summertime, work begins in the morning when it`s still colder, and ends when it`s still light. This will not only curb light and airconditioning use, but is expected to also spread the peak in energy use because of the staggered work hours. It is hoped that companies will implement this by themselves.

In Tokyo Government buildings, this summer, the new measures will be enforced to realise a 25% cut in energy use. As a result of a study to the time and scale, it will start with 9500 employees next week, on the 6th of June, and then gradually spread to include the brand offices. It will reach 25.000 employees, until it ends at the end of September.

The working hours will start earlier ranging from 30 minutes to 1 hour. This means the earliest group to leave work will leave at 4.15 pm. On the other hand, amongst this personnel, those worried about the effect on their work will be excluded from summertime, starting with the police and fire brigade, and then the schools and hospitals, followed by the Toei subway and busses.

Tokyo Government wants to change the working system by not only changing the conservation of energy, but also by finding a more efficient way for working, and using that as a motive.

Source (NHK)

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opinion/discussion: protests in Egypt

I`m sure you`ve all heard of the protests in Egypt that have gone on for 11 days now. Ten thousands of people have joined to try and get Mubarak, the current president, out of office. There have even been deadly clashes with the army, the economy is hit, the cities apparantly look like a warzone...

In all honesty, I think Mubarak should give in and quit. Now. If so many people in your country object, is it really worthwile to keep hanging on to your job? I personally do not think a job is worth more than lives, especially of your own people.

So what do you think?

Translation: Kana Uemura - The toilet goddess

Sorry for the amount of spamming on this LiveJournal suddenly! Exams are over, which means no homework and no studying, and watching tv can only get you through a part of the day, so I ended up just translating a lot.

Anyway, moving on to the topic of this post, the song:
This is such a gorgeous, pure, but oh so sad song. Really, there`s no further introduction or explanation or anything needed, since the story explains itself while you read/hear it, and I wouldn`t do it enough justice anyway.

Enjoy! ^^

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News Zero Ichimen December 13 - Body Scanners

Yet another Ichimen! This time it`s about body scanners, and the possible implementation of these at airports in Japan, which makes it something for us all to keep in mind when we go (back) to Japan.
Personally, being from the Netherlands myself, I have actually gone through such a scanner before when I went to London, and I thought the hassle at that part where they scan your bags and you have to take off your shoes and all that was way more annoying than this.

So, what do you all think? Necessary? Or just a pointless annoyance? Do you have any experience with these machines? Feel free to drop a comment! ^^

Translation is behind the cut, so click there to see what Sho wrote on the subject.

On a slightly different note: Livejournal is currently being a bitch, I`m not sure why it won`t show the pictures properly, but my html keeps getting messed up as well. Trying to fix that now, so be patient with me =)   Seems fixed now, but it might cause trouble again. Let me know if it does. 

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And here we go again

Apparantly there are rumours of Japan`s prime minister Kan being forced to resign in March. Ofcourse, Maehara is perfectly willing to take over, but he`s not exactly inspiring confidence either.

‘‘I want to make Japan a country where prosperity would be brought on in a sustainable manner by somehow making the situation Japan is now in better,’’ he said during a question-and-answer session after his speech in Naha, Okinawa Prefecture.

Because using the word "somehow" proves that you obviously know what you`re talking about and have plans and ideas ready and the like.

(source: Japan Today - Maehara hints at ambition to succeed Kan as Japan leader)

As you might know, Japan has not had a single prime minister last for even a year, ever since Koizumi quit in 2006. He was followed by Abe in 2006-2007, then Fukuda in 2007-2008, Aso in 2008-2009 and finally Hatoyama from 2009-2010. Prime minister Kan also just started in June 2010, after Hatoyama resigned - to great pain and annoyance for my Japan & The World teacher, the poor guy, who had prepared all classes for the entire semester based on Hatoyama`s plans, and had not counted on Hatoyama quitting halfway through.

News Zero Ichimen January 17 - Local referendum

It is unbelievable how many kanji I had to look up for this one, and even then I sometimes ended up guessing what was meant. So ignore the strange sentences here and there, I did what I could *sigh* . One day, I`ll actually understand Sho. Until then, I`ll just continue wanting to hit him over the head for using such difficult Japanese.

Back on-topic now I`m done ranting for a bit:
This time`s News Zero is about a local referendum held in Nagoya. Obviously, politics are dirty everywhere you go.
Oh, no big explanations list this time, because Sho actually sort of did that himself. I`d put a heart there, if it wasn`t for the part where, you know, I couldn`t figure out that well what he was saying and thus temporarily dislike him.

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News Zero Ichimen January 11 - Coming-of-age Ceremony

I decided to take a break from studying and watching Bones to translate a recent Ichimen from the birthday-boy.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHO-CHAN!! ♥♥ ♥ ♥ May this year be a very happy and healthy one ♥ Keep working hard (just don`t overdo it plsktnx), keep failing in the good way, and keep inspiring me to do the same ♥ . You`re one of the reasons I`ve been working this hard to pass my exams, and it`s obviously working. Thank you for that. Thank you for reminding me what it`s all for, thank you for inspiring me to work as hard as you, and thank you for not making me feel as stupid as I did before when I trip over nothing or when people fail to recognise what I`ve drawn.

Well then, without further ado (though with almost an entire page of notes and explanations included), the translation!

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Kanjani8 - 泣かないで僕のミュージック (Don`t cry my music)

oh how I love this song. And oh how much difficulty this gave me to translate. Try having the words for "road", "to grasp" and "timing" (in "English") in one sentence, combined with other sentences, and then try to have it make sense....errm, let me know if I managed? Since I`m not too sure myself.

Also, I tried a new type of lay-out for the translations. This one makes it easier for me to translate, but more important is whether it`s easy for you to read, so let me know if this works or not =)

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